Masar Mobile App

MASAR Mobile is an app for the iPhone, iPad and Android device that enables users to securely access and work with transactions from a mobile device.

Transaction Registration

allow you to register the transaction (outgoing or incoming) properties, as well as the settings for the transaction details.

Files Management

Securely capture, store, manage and work with all your files, photos and documents with saved transctions

Transaction Delegation

allow you to route transactions between multiple organization or users and generating map to monitor their progress

Statistics and Reports

report on transaction’ actions and business process. Different types of business process reports and statistics provide daily work efficiency.

Organization Indox

will make browsing for transactions within the organization less time consuming and more efficient.

Employee Indox

Organize and categorize transactions so employee find his daily work much easier.

TAFEEL Mobility Solutions:

TAFEEL provides various solutions which combines the technology of centralized systems and distributed mobile data collecting using PDA, Smart Phones and Mobile devices. Through the strategic partnership with RealSoft; the leaders in this field we provide End-to-End Mobile solutions suited to match the requirements of the Saudi organizations. We provide intelligent and innovative business-specific Mobile Solutions for both the private and the public sectors. RealSoft; A Jordanian Company, pioneers this niche market regionally and internationally. It was the first company ever to deliver paperless census solution based on Personal Digital Assistants (PDA).

These solutions have many features such as:

  • PDA based survey solutions
  • Online GPRS based synchronization with back office database and systems.
  • Offline data capturing in case GPRS is not available.
  • Designing and building backend databases with auditing and monitoring reports.
  • Online data validation
  • Integrating with data warehouses and BI solution

To name a few, the following are some of the proven applications of Mobile solutions:

  • Mobile Solution for CPI (Consumer Price Indexing)
  • Mobile Solution for Field Inspection
  • Mobile Solution for Sales Force Automation

Major Clients list:

  • Municipality of Eastern Region KSA
  • Ministry of Planning Oman
  • Ministry of Planning Kuwait
  • National Center of Information and Documentation Libya
  • Ministry of National Economy Oman
  • Department of Statistics Jordan
  • Ministry of Agriculture Oman
  • Ministry of housing and civil services Qatar

Mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA): The Challenge:

For manufacturing and retail businesses, sales professionals are usually the first and sometimes only point of contact between you and your customers. But maintaining the quality and timeliness of their services can often be jeopardized by the unavailability of critical information in field, long sales cycles and spending a lot of time on administrative paperwork rather than focusing on profitable customer relationships.

In addition, effective sales force management can prove to be quite difficult largely due to their work nature which requires them to spend most of their work hours away from the office.

However, with new competition emerging each day, realizing customer satisfaction and guaranteeing their loyalty is a never ending challenge. Collecting feedback and suggestions and inferring statistical results is vital to any business planning. It enables strategic decisions in a proper and timely fashion enhancing the viability and success of your business.

Our Offering:

Our Mobile Sales Force Automation solution is a comprehensive solution for the benefit of both sales professionals and management. It provides your sales force with means to efficiently accomplish their tasks, while allowing you to monitor and guide them from the comforts of your office.

Key Benefits:

  • 1- Allow your sales professionals to complete all their sales tasks electronically from the field.
  • 2 - Assist your sales professionals, while in the field, with all the information they need to close a deal.
  • 3 - A picture is worth a thousand words, but a map is worth a million: View your contacts/customers on a map in the back office.
  • Guide your field workers to their next destination using digital maps/routes
  • Let your field workers focus on their field work without having to come back to the office for transferring data. Perform data synchronization from the field.
  • Use a solution that provides complete Arabic support.
  • Complete integration with back office ERP.
  • Pinpoint your field officers> whereabouts from your office and track their movement to ensure on-time delivery of goods and services.

Mobile SFA Guarantees:

  • Better management of sales professionals
  • Higher sales force productivity
  • Higher customer retention and ability to capitalize on sales opportunities on the spot
  • Higher return on SFA investment

Consumer Price Index Software Solution

Improving the investment climate requires greater attention to providing accurate and timely data; that is also a critical prerequisite towards identifying the fundamentals of Economic and social growth.

Our Package for National statistics (NStat) paves the way for strategic vision through helping the national statistical agencies to create and process raw data, convert them into statistics, apply objective standards to their operations and make it a condition of survival to be impartial, neutral and objective. In an effort to reflect a reliable CPI indicator, We introduce our Software solution to automate the CPI processes as part of our holistic approach providing an integrated framework for a National Statistics (Nstat) software package In brief terms, a consumer price index (CPI) is a measure of the average price of consumer goods and services purchased by households. It is one of several price indices calculated by national statistical agencies. The percent change in the CPI is a measure of inflation. The CPI can be used to index (i.e., adjust for the effects of inflation) wages, salaries, pensions, or regulated or contracted prices. The CPI, along with the population census, the National Income and Product Accounts, constitute one of the most closely watched national economic statistics

Our CPI software solution consists of three components

  • CPI Mobile,
  • CPI Exchange,
  • CPI Engine.

CPI Mobile:

Electronic price collection module based on Mobile devices PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) technology. Enumerators can easily scan market prices of goods from assigned outlets using built-in Bar Code reader, or by keying product code, thus, ensuring accurate, speedy, validated and audited data.

CPI Exchange:

Multi-user conduit software that facilitates data exchange between CPI Mobile and CPI Engine. CPI Exchange supports GSM networks, and allows GSM enabled (PDAs) to have online connectivity between PDA devices and backend enterprise databases. More specifically, it is used in our solutions to allow data center to assign data collection tasks to enumerators’ PDA on the fly and then receive the collected data (prices) back to the center via GSM connection. The solution also works for non GSM enabled PDA’s, where data synchronization between the PDA and the backend Database is achieved using normal serial or USB interface (Provided as part of the PDA package)

CPI Engine:

The CPI engine is the Server side component of the solution. It hosts the CPI data and processes such as Data collection sources management, Editing and cleansing of Prices, estimating missing prices , Calculation of CPI, enumerator profile and their allocated tasks. It is basically the core component of the system ...etc.

Main Features

  • Electronic Data Collection via PDA equipped with Bar Code readers
  • No Manual data entry
  • Automatic alerts for steep price fluctuations between current and previous period
  • Online and Offline connectivity modes
  • Auditing of enumerator efficiency
  • Control over the dispatching of price surveys to the mobile users
  • Web Enabled interface
  • Embedded reporting system
  • Seamless integration to our Nstat Social and economic indicators data warehouse
  • Easy administration for add/removing/updating outlets, basket of goods etc.
  • Security levels and encryption
  • State-of-the-art technology info