Laserfiche is the world’s leading software for enterprise content management, business process automation, and productivity- boosting analytics.

From digitizing documents to supporting smarter business decisions, Laserfiche provides a progressive roadmap to help organizations of all sizes embrace the benefits of digital transformation.

Document Management

Organize all your organization›s Information so you make faster, more Informed business decisions.


Controll all your paper, digital and mobile content with state-ofthe- art tools reclaming time spent on manual tasks.

Web Forms

Eliminate paper forms- and associated manual approvals- to provide a better user experience.

Process Automation

Manage your mission-critical processes to eliminate spreadsheets, emails and busywork. Gather process data to gain valuable insight into your oranization›s operations,

Reporting and Compliance

Optimize operations by identifying inefficiencies and hidden opportunities. Track the access and use of content to form a complete record of organization-wide activity.